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Welcome! I'm so glad you stopped by to see my classroom!
  Of course before school started, I spent plenty of time writing out my lesson plans, finding charts and manipulatives for the first week, and putting workbooks in desks.
But a large part of my time was spent in decorating my classroom.
They DON'T get it, nor do they understand that we believe it to be true...and because we BELIEVE it to be true...IT IS! You can't do cute in TWO DAYS! My thoughts are with those of you who are trying! 
Some years, I don't love the way my classroom turns out.  But this year, I absolutely adore my room!  So I wanted to share my room with you - maybe you will see some ideas you like as well.
{And by the way, lots of the products I used were freebies from different TpT authors.  I have linked each picture so you can find the products too!}

 This is the front of my classroom.  You can find the alphabet charts as a freebie in my TpT store!

This is a free behavior clip chart from Sunny Days.  On the left are the reward coupon choices.  {I am going to let them pick a reward coupon or from a prize box this year.}

These are my white shelves that run down one side of my classroom. The left shelf I use for teaching supplies, and the middle and right shelves are full of books! {You can never have enough classroom books, right?!}
Speaking of reading, I am loving my little reading area this year!  I picked up two new bookshelves and some extra pillows from IKEA this summer.  Once I finally got them put together, I filled them with books from my local library for my students to look at.
You can pick up the READ posters in my TpT store too.

READ posters
 I am planning on changing out the books at least every other week so the students have books to read about the topics we are covering in class.

Of course, a classroom wouldn't be complete without a few brightly covered bulletin boards!  I have three boards in my classroom.  All three of them are too high for the students to interact with so I use them for displays.

 I am using this board to display good student work! {Kids get so excited to see their papers up on a bulletin board for everyone to see.}

 I keep my calendar on this board all year long.  I just change the month header, rearrange the date pieces, and switch out the decorations around the calendar. And yes I did change it to September yesterday, but I forgot to take a picture!

I used this board to hang up some of the color words writing and pictures that we did during our first week of school.

The back of my classroom also has a little writing center.  Students don't always sit and write here. However, it is nice to have an area with extra writing supplies, writing prompts, and a copy of the writing process for students to look at.
{The adorable writing pencil banner and writing process posters are by Pinkadots Elementary.)

And here is my corner of the room.  Desk, bookshelf for teaching books, and filing cabinet are all tucked away at the front left of the room.

You can't see them that great, but I found some super cute color word pencil window clings at the Christmas Tree Shops.  Isn't the view out this window beautiful though!

I cleaned everything. {It's amazing how many cobwebs can collect over a summer.} And I put a little treat on every desk for my kiddos on their first day of school!
I love coming in my classroom every morning.  It is bright and colorful, and it makes me happy!

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