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Monday, January 2, 2017

SMART Goal Setting in the Classroom

Ok, so I'm not into New Year's resolutions. 
Like, at all.

I've tried the whole "New year, new me" stuff.
It doesn't work for me. Those resolutions tend to last a whopping week, at most.

So the past couple of years, I have been setting goals instead.
After all, isn't it much better to have something you're working towards instead of just making random life changes.

This year, I want to spend some time during this week (our first week back from Christmas Break) showing my students how to set their own personal goals for the year.

Setting Achievable Goals
Upper elementary students, as a rule, don't know how to set good goals. Teaching students about setting SMART goals is a skill that they will use in the future. 

So what is a SMART goal?
SMART is an acronym that stands for Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic, and Time-bound.
In other words, a SMART goal should be something that a student is capable of accomplishing within a certain amount of time.
(Which means "I want to run faster" doesn't cut it.)

And yes, I realize that it can be hard to get students to understand this type of goal setting. So in the next section, I have listed some great free (or at least super cheap) TpT products to help you and your students have success in goal setting.

Teaching SMART Goal Setting
If you want a great Free product to help you teach this to your students, this SMART goal setting lesson is perfect. Just download, print, and you're ready for your lesson. It includes posters and worksheets for your students to fill in as they set goals.

This SMART goal setting printable pages template
not only walks students through how to make a SMART goal, but it also has them list 3 steps they can do to reach that goal.

At only $0.75, this SMART goals classroom guidance lesson is definitely the best deal. It includes a lesson plan, posters, handouts, and a powerpoint too! It seems to be designed for guidance counselors, but I think it could be used in a classroom as well.

Happy Goal Setting!
I hope this is the start of a great second half of the year for you!

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