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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

August Pinterest Pick 3

August has arrived which means that many of us as teachers have begun thinking about going back to school. {If we haven't been thinking about it all summer.} So this month, I have picked three pins that will give you some great back to school ideas.

In the post linked to this pin, Mary at Teaching With a Mountain View shares 8 of the things that need to be done before school starts. It's a great list to refer to if you are a new teacher or if you {like me} tend to forget something important every year. 
Funny story: my first year of teaching I thought I was ready for everything. Until the students arrived, and I realized that I had no plans for where they were going to put all the supplies they had brought. At which point I panicked and couldn't even remember what I had asked them to bring. I had to ask one of the students to get out each thing in her bookbag one at a time. Then I quickly decided where the students should put that item, and we moved on to the next thing. Definitely something I should have thought through ahead of time! 

I love this teacher gift idea. If you click through the link to the original post, you can download the fun labels to wrap around the jar. This would be a cute {and easy} gift for the other teachers on your team. I am planning on whipping this up for the teachers I teach with and probably my administrator and school secretary too. I will probably print the label on brightly colored paper to give it an extra pop. 

I think this is such a fun idea for a bulletin board. It would be so easy to print out the words, back them with brightly colored paper, and then hang them all on a small bulletin board. I might use this idea for the outside of my classroom door to start off the year though as my bulletin boards are usually full.

You can find even more great back to school ideas on my Pinterest page. 


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