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Monday, July 11, 2016

Answer Keys Reorganized: Planning for Next Year

I'm sure some teachers are pros at spending their whole summer relaxing and not thinking about school at all. I am not one of those teachers however. I am the ultimate type A teacher. I like to plan everything well in advance. I spend the summer thinking about next year, organizing things that bugged me last year, and prepping my new ideas for the new year. So I thought I would share with you some of the things I have been working on this summer. (And maybe make your planning a little easier in the process.)

Last week I spent time reorganizing our answer keys. We have a great curriculum with premade tests we can order to use after each chapter/unit. So of course, each subject in every grade level comes with a test answer key packet. This is wonderful, but our answer keys had become a disaster. Different grade levels were mixed together. Second grade English tests could be found in the same binder as fifth grade math test or third grade science tests. The binders were broken, not all the tests were separated by dividers, and some of the answer keys were missing all together.

I brought home all the answer keys I could find for all the grades. Then I bought six binders and a TON of dividers. When I was done, I had all the answer keys sorted by grade level and subject within the binders.

 Next I decided to make binder covers and spine labels for each binder. I printed and laminated the labels. (Yes, I laminated the labels. I couldn't get them to slide in the binder spine without bending. Probably I could have printed them on cardstock with the same result, but laminating worked great too. And what teacher doesn't use any excuse to laminate something?)

I would love to share the binder and spine labels with you. You can download the PDF by clicking on the image below. Then simply print the cover and spine that you need for the grade (or grades) that you teach.

You can find even more organizational ideas on my Classroom Management Pinterest board.

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