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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Winner Wednesday: Addition Properties Sort

Happy Wednesday everyone!! Winner Wednesday is back, and I am excited to be giving away one of my most popular products. 

In our math curriculum, we teach the 3 properties of addition fairly early in the school year. It's not a super difficult concept, but I find that my students often need a little more practice to make the properties stick in their minds. 
One fun way to introduce the addition properties is to use students to act out the properties. 
For the commutative property, have two students stand at the front of the room. Then have the two students trade places. Point out to the class that the students haven't changed. They have just moved places. 
To introduce the associative property, have two students stand inside a large circle such as a hula hoop. Have another student stand outside the circle. Next have one of the students in the hula hoop trade places with the student outside the hula hoop. Again remind your class that while the students may have changed places, the actual students have not changed. 
The identity property only involves one student coming to the front of the room. Ask your class if the student is changed at all if no more students come to the front. 
Using students to act out the properties is a fun way to introduce this concept so that your students will remember it better.

After we have introduced the addition properties and done several examples on the board, I like to use this equation sort as another chance to practice what they have learned. I usually put this out at a math center after we have studied the properties in class together. 

Addition Properties Equation Sort

This is a simple and fun activity for students. They simply read each math equation and sort it under the correct addition property heading card.  You can then have the students write each equation under the correct heading on the recording page.

You can win our own copy of my Addition Properties Equation Sort. Simply enter your name in the rafflecopter below. I will choose a winner on Thursday and email them a copy of the sort.
Good luck!

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  1. This looks great! Thank you so much for linking up with us this month.

  2. Great idea! I love the idea of using students to represent math properties. Thanks for joining us this month.

    Sara J Creations

  3. What fun and active ways for students to learn the properties of addition! Love the movement!
    Joya :)