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Monday, May 2, 2016

Are You Ready for the Big Sale?

So our favorite teacher site, Teachers Pay Teachers, has been celebrating an amazing 10 years of helping teachers be the best they can be. Discovering the amazing teaching products on TpT has changed the way I teach. As part of the big celebration, Teachers Pay Teachers is hosting a Teacher Appreciation Sale!

So what does this mean for us as buyers? Basically we teachers can save up to 28% off of any items we buy during May 3 & 4. Most stores will have all of their products 20% off, and you can get 10% more off your purchase using the promo code CELEBRATE at checkout. 

This sale is a great time to buy things that you have had your eye on or have been thinking about buying. Maybe you have been wanting a higher priced item or you have been on the fence about a product. Well now is the best time to purchase! I definitely have some things on my list to get.

Here are some of my most wishlisted items that people can grab at a discount during the sale.

Adjective vs. Adverb Sort

I find that in my classroom it can be extremely difficult for students to tell the difference between adjectives and adverbs. It is a concept that takes practice... and practice... and more practice. I created this Adjective/Adverb sort to give my students another chance to review this skill.  I use it as a center in my classroom, but you can use it as an informal assessment, a review game, or even a fun SCOOT set. Students read the sentence on each card and decide if the colored word is an adjective or an adverb. They then write the word under the correct list on the recording page. It's fun and perfect for making sure your students have truly mastered this skill.

Sentence vs. Fragments Task Cards

 Do any of your students fill their writing with partial sentences? I know mine do. On top of that, when asked to fix their fragments, many of them struggle to identify which sentences are fragments and which are complete. My Sentences vs. Fragments task cards give my students the chance to find and correct fragments in a simpler format. It comes with two student answer pages. The first page only asks students to label each sentence with an S or an F. The second page asks students to go back and correct any fragments that they found. This gives you a chance to push your students who may already have a better grasp on identifying fragments.

Well, I'm off to go fill up my wishlist for tomorrow. Make sure you check out some of the other blogs in the link up over at Teaching in the Tongass to find some other amazing products on sale!

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Math and Phonics Incorporated into One Bulletin Board

So April was here which meant my March themed bulletin board really needed to be changed! I knew our Family and Friends Night was coming up so I wanted to find a bulletin board idea that would incorporate several of the things we had been learning lately.
I decided to include both math and phonics on the same cute board. Here's how we did it:

Our first step was to make our fact family umbrellas. I copied the umbrella and raindrop patterns from my Carson Dellosa Bulletin Board book. (This has to be one of the best purchases I have ever made. I use it all the time.)

I gave each of my students the three numbers they would use for their fact family. I wrote the numbers on small sticky notes and put them on each student's desk. The students wrote the three numbers on the large umbrella piece. Then they wrote the four related facts on the raindrops.

I let them trace over their numbers and facts with a marker before coloring the umbrella. Finally they each carefully cut out their umbrella and raindrops.

Finally I taped the raindrops under the umbrella using blue yarn to connect them all together.

 A couple of days later, we worked on our phonics flowers for the second half of our bulletin board. I found a simple flower template in my huge stash of clipart. (It was actually an interactive notebook template from The Candy Class.) I enlarged the flower pattern and photocopied enough for each student to have one.

Next I wrote some of the phonics sounds we have been practicing on the board. Under each sound, we brainstormed words had that sound in them. I wanted to do this as a class because it can be hard for students to spell similar sounds correctly. (For example: care belongs with are, not air.) Once we had thought of five words for each phonics sound, I had my students write the five words on the petals of their flower. (I had already written the sounds on the center of each flower.)

Finally they colored and cut out the flowers.  

I captioned the display April Showers Bring May Flowers. Not only was this the perfect way to incorporate both the umbrellas and the flowers, but it means that I can leave my board up for the rest of April and into May. Win-win for me!