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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Self Portraits: A Fun and Easy Way to Incorporate Art in Your Classroom

I haven't blogged about our monthly art classes for a while, but I wanted to take a minute to share one of my favorite art projects that we have done this year - self portraits.

Doing a self portrait is such a fun and easy art activity. However it can be a great introduction to some great writing activities as well. 

Our art teacher began the lesson by reminding the students how art tells a story. (This was something that we focused on last year quite a bit.) He then showed slides of some famous portraits and had the students tell what those portraits showed about the person in the painting. Finally we discussed how adding details to a portrait, whether through the clothing, the background, or even items the person was holding, could show facts about the person.

Next it was the students' turn to draw their own self portrait. We gave each student a small mirror. They drew themselves and other items that symbolize them.

It would be easy to adapt this fun art activity into a writing lesson. You could have your students surround their self portrait with adjectives that describe them. This would also make a great culminating activity after a biography or autobiography writing unit.  I hope your students have as much fun as my class did making their own self portraits.

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