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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Playing Sight Word Games {with a Freebie}

Sight Words - While we all know it's important, learning sight words can be one of those boring, repetitive activities that kids hate. We can stand in front of the class and flip through card after card while half asleep students repeat the sight words. 
The good news is that learning sight words doesn't have to be boring! One of my favorite ways to make sight word review fun is by turning it into a game.

Here are just a few of my favorite sight word games.  They are all simple and require very little prep time.

 Sight Word Hide and Seek

During one of the times when my students are out of the room {art, library, etc.}, I like to hide our sight word flashcards around the room.  I make them pretty obvious because I want the students to find them today, not a year from now.

When the students return, I tell them that we are going to play Sight Word Hide and Seek.  I have them take turns finding a sight word card around the room.  Of course, when they find a card, they then have to show everyone else the word and read it out loud.  It's such a simple game, but my students have so much fun playing it.

Sight Word Around the World

I played this game a little different than regular around the world because I wanted all my students up and moving around a bit more.  I laid out all of our sight word flashcards in a big circle in the foyer of our school.  {First graders are so easy to please! Mine were excited just because we were doing something outside the classroom.}

Then I had them take turns walking around the flashcards.  As they walked, they had to read the words on the cards.  When they got stuck on a card, they had to wait at that card until their next turn.  I kept the game going until everyone had gotten a chance to make it all the way around.  Students that made it around early were allowed to read around again on their next turn.

Sight Word Memory

This game took a little more prep than the first two.  I cut up squares of construction paper and wrote pairs of sight words on them.  I did an orange set and a red set because I wanted to have two games going at the same time.  Both sets have the same sight words though.

I was a little surprised that a couple of my kiddos had never played memory before.  After explaining the rules, they started playing.  It was so fun to watch them turning over and reading the words on the cards.  I had to keep an eye on the ones that hadn't played memory before.  At one point, I realized they were putting the non-matching cards face down anywhere they wanted instead of where they picked them up from.  I explained that they were never going to be able to remember where the words were like that!

Sight Word Tic Tac Toe

Another game that's easy to play with sight words is tic tac toe.  Simply draw a tic tac toe board on your whiteboard and fill each square with a sight word.  {I like to choose some of the words my students are missing the most for this game.}

Then choose two students to come up to the board and play tic tac toe. The catch is that the students have to read the sight word before they can put their X or O in the box.  

This is a quick and fun way to review tricky sight words without any prep.  However, in case you want to let your students do this in pairs at their desks, I have made you a little tic tac toe freebie!

You can grab your freebie by clicking on either of the pictures above.  There is also a page of blank tic tac toe boards so that you can write in your own sight words.

I hope I have given you some fun ideas that you can use with your class.  What other fun ideas do you have for practicing sight words?


  1. Sight word tic tac toe is such a fun and easy idea! Love it!

    Crayons and Whimsy

  2. Around the World and Tic Tac Toe have just been added for next week!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE! Thanks for sharing,
    Mrs. DiBenedetto's First Grade Critter Cafe

  3. I love all of your ideas! I love to have my students move around too, and I'm pretty sure I need to give your Sight Words Around the World a try!

    Primarily Speaking

  4. I love the idea of sight word hide and seek. I think my kids will be so motivated to play. Thanks for sharing all your sight word ideas.

  5. I love the idea of playing sight word games! Thanks for sharing all of these! I might try the sight word around the room whole-class. I think my kiddos would love it!

    The Super Sparkly Teacher