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Friday, September 25, 2015

Five for Friday: September 25

I don't know about any of you, but my week has flown by.  We have been busy, busy, busy in my classroom.  So I'm linking up with Doodlebugs Teaching to share my Five for Friday. 

Five for Friday

 My students have been working hard to master simple addition.  We have been having tons of fun working on our addition number sentences.  You can read more about our addition fun in this post. {And my kiddos did great on our chapter test yesterday.  We had lots of 100s!}

My first graders played their first game of Scoot on Wednesday.  I thought the first day of Fall was the perfect day to pull out my Addition Facts Fall Themed Scoot Game.  I played some peppy music while they moved around the room.  Because it was their first time, I made sure they all had enough time to finish all the task cards.  I also had to put out manipulatives for my students to count because some of them still need that.  Luckily I had plenty of cute fall themed items to use.  But all in all, it went really well - especially for the first time!  They loved it!

I have the privilege of being the adviser for our school yearbook staff.  We had our first yearbook meeting on Wednesday complete with Oreos and soda. {Did I bribe some of them to join yearbook? Absolutely!}  Thankfully, it was a productive meeting, and I think our yearbook will be amazing this year as always.

We have been having so much fun practicing our sight words this week too.  I love finding new, fun ways to review these tricky words.  You can read more about our fun sight word games on the blog tomorrow!

I just wanted to leave you with one more cute picture.  My kiddos have been enjoying independent reading time.  I am so happy that they like looking at books even if they can't read all the words yet.  I caught this little friend climbing into my bookshelf to pick out a new book to look at, and I couldn't resist snapping a picture.

I hope your week was as fun and learning filled as mine was.  Stop by Doodlebugs Teaching to read about the weeks of some other amazing educators!


  1. The scoot game sounds great and lots of fun! Sure to keep the kiddos interested.

    Teaching Autism

  2. That last picture made me crack up! It sure shows that we can read anywhere. :)

  3. Love the last picture! A lot of my kids like to curl up under their desks and read.

  4. He could crawl onto that shelf and take a nap if he wanted to! I gave my first math quiz this week. It had place value concepts and some DIFFICULT, multistep problem solving tasks, but most of the kids did very well. I was pleased. Hooray for fall! I haven't pulled out my fall stuff yet. Next week!
    Laughter and Consistency