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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Currently August

Well, August has arrived, and back to school season is here.  I am linking up with Oh Boy 4th Grade to share what is Currently going on in my life!

 My vacation has been fun but hectic.  The result is that instead of that "I can't wait to get back to school" feeling that I normally get around now, I feel like I need a much longer vacation. 
I have been watching lots of Netflix, and I am loving all the back to school giveaways.  However none of that makes my classroom look any better. 


This is what just one corner of my classroom currently looks like.  And you don't even want to see the stuff I have piled on the student desks!  I have so much work to do!!
Thankfully our first day isn't until August 25th so I have some time still.  We have inservice for several days before that, and I think the other elementary teachers will appreciate some coffee and donuts one of those days!  Wouldn't you? 



  1. I'm looking forward to the big sale, too. That was my room three weeks ago! We started school last week and some how it all got done. Good Luck!
    Mrs.B's Classroom Adventures

  2. I need to get back in my room too! I can't get in for another couple of weeks though. I love all the back to school sales and giveaways too!

  3. Netflix. I don't have it (I'm unfairly blaming them for me never noticing on my bill that it hadn't cancelled and paying for a year with an empty DVD queue :P) but now they will have Reading Rainbow! I mean, I do have Amazon Prime streaming so I'm not a total luddite but ... Reading Rainbow! Have fun setting up your room. I haven't been in to see the library yet. For ten years it was the dumping ground for all of the campus junk and I always had to wait until the custodians got it all disposed of. Which was usually about 30 minutes before meet the teacher. But as I was always in the hall giving parents directions to classrooms and not able to actually greet them in the library it wasn't a huge deal. I had a bit more time. ;)