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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Dare to Dream {TpT Seller Challenge - Week 2}

Well, I must say that this seller challenge has certainly inspired me with both my TpT store and my blog.  I am still working on making over ALL my products, but I think that will be a long, ongoing process.

This week's theme was Dare to Dream.  I have been thinking off and on all week about my dreams for my business.  To be honest, when I started blogging and creating products, I didn't have any huge dreams or plans.  I was only blogging and creating as a way to relieve stress.  I found the whole process fun and exciting.

But as I have worked harder on my store, seen the success stories of other teachers, and started earning small amounts of money myself, I have been thinking more about what I would do with the extra money.  

I do have some major things that I wish I could afford right now - a house and a working car are the two big ones.  {My car right now is old, needs lots of work, and has no air conditioning!}  I also would love to be able to save for retirement in the future. 

Really though, any money I earn is just a bonus.  I have other dreams for my blogging adventure as well.

I love being able to meet and learn from other teachers around the world.  Hearing them be passionate about their classrooms and what they are teaching, inspires me to be growing and improving as a teacher as well. 

I recently went to my first blogger meet-up this past spring.  I was unbelievably nervous, but it was so much fun.  I made new friends, and put faces to some of the names of blogs and stores that I was already reading and following.

Every year, I read about the fun other bloggers had at the TpT convention in Vegas.  I keep telling myself that one year I will be able to afford to go.  It's definitely a dream that I have for the future!

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  1. I love the community of teachers that TpT has created! I hope, especially through this challenge, you have or will find some great friends!

    Sparkling in Second