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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Our Final Field Trip of the Year

We had our last field trip of the year last Monday.  Obviously life has been busy as I am just now getting around to telling you about it.  Not only was it our last field trip, we combined it with out last art class as well.  We went to a local state park, and we had a blast!!
{Just a warning - this post is going to have lots of pictures!)

We started the day by reviewing the art basics that we have learned throughout the year.

 Once we had reviewed, each student was given a drawing board, paper, and pencil.  They could choose anywhere around a stone porch to sit and draw.  It was so fun to watch them concentrate on their art!

Next, we moved to a beautiful view of a patch of daffodils and the ocean.  For this drawing, the students got to finish it with watercolor paints.

Once art time was over, we let the kids play in a grassy open area for a while until lunch.  They loved having the freedom to just run around.  We also brought balls, Frisbees, and kites for them to share. {Of course, we did have to solve several arguments over whose turn it was to fly the kites.}
Then it was lunch time.
And then the most fun of all - play time on the beach.  

And it wouldn't be a beach trip without a sand castle building contest. {We didn't actually judge it, but it was fun to watch the kids and parents working on their creations.}

a starfish

a traditional castle

a turtle

a shark
I just want to say that I am so thankful for the number of parents who came on this field trip with us.  It definitely made the entire day more fun and less stressful for me! 

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