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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Sunday Scoop: 2/15/15

Here's my Sunday Scoop for this stormy winter day...

Have To Do...

1. We are planning on having church tonight which means the driveway will need to be shoveled before then.  And as much as I hate shoveling, I guess I probably should help out some.
2. I washed sheets and towels yesterday so today is the day to do the rest of our laundry.  At least, I don't have to worry about getting it all done.  Since we have two days off this week, I can finish it tomorrow if necessary.
3. My house is currently full of all the delicious chocolates I received from students and family.  I consider it my duty today to eat large amounts of it!   

Hope To Do...

1. I am really hoping that we are able to have church tonight.  I miss seeing my church family and hearing from God's Word when we can't be there.  I guess it will all depend on when it stops snowing and if the church parking lot gets cleared out.
2. I started reading blogs this morning on my phone, but it seemed like every blog had something I wanted to pin or download or add to my TPT wishlist.  It's harder to do those things on my phone so I am hoping to get a chance to read the blogs on my computer.  That way I can have access to all the amazing things that my teacher friends are sharing with me!

 Happy To Do...

We have a short break this week - Monday and Tuesday off.  Part of me thinks that we don't need a break because of all the snow days we have had recently, but I am certainly not going to complain.  I plan on spending the days working on new TPT products.  I like to do either a flash freebie or a giveaway for every new product so follow my Facebook page to make sure you don't miss those deals!

Sunday Scoop is a link up hosted by The Teaching Trio so make sure you stop by their blog to find out what some other hard-working teachers are up to today.


  1. Your house sounds yummy! The kids and I ate so much chocolate yesterday. It was all soo good. :)
    Have a great long weekend!

    1. All the chocolate is one of my favorite parts of Valentine's Day! If we weren't snowed in, I would probably be out buying more today lol.

  2. Enjoy all the peace that comes with those extra days off. I know I felt the same when we had snow days in January right after break, but when you get back in the routine, it comes fast and furious. Oh, and do enjoy the chocolates! Yum!

    1. I will definitely enjoy them. :) And hopefully the kids {and I} will get back into our routine pretty quickly.

  3. Oh I wish we had Monday and Tuesday off! Enjoy it!!!

  4. I wish I had a whole extra day for blog reading! There are so many wonderful posts and ideas out there, I definitely could read forever! Enjoy your extended weekend! My fingers are crossed that we will both be TpT creating on Tuesday!

    Mrs O Knows

  5. Hope you manage to get out and that you enjoy all the chocolates! Enjoy your long weekend!
    Growing Little Learners