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Friday, February 13, 2015

Five for Friday: Valentine's Party Edition

Well, it's Friday which means...{drumroll, please}...
another edition of Five for Friday with Doodlebugs Teaching!

And it's an exciting Five for Friday because tomorrow is Valentine's Day.  Which means we have been doing fun Valentine's related things all week long!

We have been talking about doing Random Acts of Kindness for others this week.  {I stole the idea from Aimee over at Primarily Speaking.} To practice this, we made several things for other classes and secretly put them on their desks or in their lockers.
 Color Your Own Bookmark {FREEBIE}
 Wednesday, we colored kindness signs to hang in our lobby. I forgot to take a picture, but you can trust me when I say they look adorable! Yesterday, we colored bookmarks for other elementary students.  I wrote student names on the back, and then we laminated and cut them out.

Today, we colored valentine notes for our high school students and teachers.  Both of these products were freebies as well that you can grab for your class by clicking on the links above.

My students liked the idea of giving something in secret.  We also brainstormed ways that we could do kind things for others around our school and homes.  They came up with some great ideas that I hope they will actually do!

We used this fun writing poster this morning to start our Valentine's Party Day.  This product is free on TPT {clicking on the picture will take you to it}, and you really could use it anytime as a friendship writing exercise.
They came out great so we hung them in the hallway outside our room for everyone to see.

We also made some cute little tic tac toe boards for my students to take home.  This was actually a spur of the moment idea this morning when I remembered that I had little foam hearts and extra pieces of foam leftover from another project.  It was simple, but the kids had fun making them and then playing with them too!

The last thing we did today was our Valentine's Day party.  The kids passed out their valentines to each other.  Then we all sat down to have some delicious goodies.  Thankfully we had some healthy foods along with all our junk food!

And now we are preparing for a fun-filled weekend.  My niece and nephew are sleeping over tonight, and we are supposed to get another huge snowstorm on Saturday night. {I am only looking forward to one of those.  Can you guess which one?}  Plus, we have Monday and Tuesday off for a little winter break.  I'm not sure we need it after all of our recent snow days, but I am not going to complain, that's for sure!

I hope you enjoy your Valentine weekend as much as I plan to enjoy mine!!

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  1. I love all of the Valentine's things you did! We've been talking about random acts of kindness too and I think those bookmarks and signs are such a great idea!