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Monday, January 5, 2015

First Day Back

Today was our first day back to school!  I personally enjoy going back to school after a break.  I like getting back into a routine, back into my classroom, and back to teaching.  
And even though the kids might not admit it, I always think they are glad to be back too!
I kept my kiddos busy today {and got everything I had planned done as a result}.  Here are just a couple of the things we accomplished.

We used the Winter Break Snapshot Journal by Rachelle Rosenblit for a fun writing activity.  We will be working on this all week long during writing time.  I enjoyed listening to the students talk about what they did over break, and the journals already look so cute!

My 6th graders started a new topic in our Interactive Reading Notebooks today.  We defined story devices and colored and cut out the pieces that we will use tomorrow to take notes on.

I was busy during my free hour too.  I finished putting up my new bulletin boards and worked on report card grades.

The students are going to write times when they help someone on mittens to hang on this board.  Hopefully it will encourage some extra kindness among each other!

I can't say that every day is this productive, but at least the first day back was.  Hopefully I can keep this up all week!

How was your first day back after break?

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