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Monday, January 19, 2015

Art Class: 2D and 3D Shapes

We had another fabulous art class on Thursday.  On the first Thursday of every month, a parent volunteer comes in and teaches our students an art class.  This year, the students have been learning the basics of art.  So far we have covered line and color.

Today the class started with a powerpoint reviewing the color concepts the students learned in the last class.  He also showed them some paintings by some famous artists known for their use of color such as Matisse and Mondrian.


 Next, he went on to talk about the difference between form and shape.  Shape refers to 2D drawings - pictures that only have height and width.  3D figures are said to have form.  This means they have height, width, and depth.  

For practice, the students actually completed two projects today.  First, they chose a stuffed animal.  Their assignment was to draw the animal with picking their pencil up off the paper.  {This is much harder than it seems, by the way.}  Here are some of the completed drawings.

Finally, the teacher gave each student a length of flexible copper wire.  The goal was to use the wire to give their animal drawing form {make it 3D}.  This task was extremely challenging for most of the students.  I had fun though since I got to give lots of help!
The animals came our pretty cute though.  And if you look at the pictures too, I think you can tell what animals were formed.


The great part about art class is that I know the kids enjoy it, and they are learning more about art than I could ever begin to teach them!

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