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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Our Christmas Festivities

Christmas Break has finally arrived!!  
I am not going to lie to you.  I am pretty excited to have a couple weeks off.  And I think the kids all need a break too.  We have been doing some fun Christmas activities over the past few days though.  


We wrote cute Christmas tree shape poems to hang on my bulletin board.  This was an easy project, and the poems came out great!

We decorated our classroom complete with Christmas lights.  {And sometimes we even worked with the lights off!}

We gave presents from our elementary students to all of the volunteers that help out in our room.  The kids loved signing all the cards to put in the presents.

And we had our annual Christmas program on Thursday night.  My kids did amazingly well.  We have so many practices. {And this year, I did not feel like the practices went very well}  But they pulled off an awesome performance!
I was so proud of them all!

And of course, we had our Christmas party on Friday morning.

Party snacks were first, and then the kids got to open presents.  The students each bought a present for another student, and then we teachers all chipped in to get a present for each student as well.
{We got each student a book at their reading level, a word search book, and two pencils.}

The kids were super excited about every present that was opened.  It was so fun to watch!
We teachers had fun, and I know the students had fun too!

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