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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Art Class: Focus on Color

It's the 1st Thursday of the month again, so we had a special art class today.  The kids love having Mr. Halferty come in, and they are learning so much more about art than I could ever teach them.  So far, he has taught them about how artists tell a story with their art and about the different types of lines that artists use.  
 Today, we focused on color in art.  His presentation showed them how colors can be mixed to form new colors.  Then he discussed three aspects of color: color, hue, and intensity.  The students then drew and painted a colorful bunch of balloons to practicing working with color.

First, they had to draw the balloons with a pencil.

The next step was using watercolor paints to add color to their balloons.

It is always amazing to see how each child draws and paints the same objects differently.
Some students focus on the color of the balloons.
Other students focus on drawing each individual balloon.

And other students include every detail around the balloons as well.

Whatever details they choose to add, I am always pleasantly surprised by how well their pictures turn out!

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