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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Missions Emphasis Month

With our upcoming Missions Conference this month, we elementary teachers thought it would be nice to emphasize missions in our classrooms as well.  Here is what we have planned.

Missionary Emphasis

Several mornings a week in our Bible classes, we will be reading letters from different missionaries.  Then we will take some time to specifically pray for those missionaries and their families.  We will also be adding those missionaries to a world map and talking about what life is like in those areas of the world.

Missionary Care Package

We would like to begin collecting items for a care package for the Shull family.  The Shulls are our missionaries to the Arctic.  We will be encouraging the students to bring toys for the Shull children.  

{This is obviously an old picture!}
They have five children: Christopher - 13, Anna - 11, Emilia - 9, Jonathan - 7, Mattaliina - 3.  These children are willingly serving the Lord in a remote area of the world.  They don't have access to the things that we are so used to - trips to Target, stopping at McDonalds, and other things we often take for granted.  It would be nice if we could send them a package filled with toys, art supplies, and other items specifically chosen for them.  Feel free to send the items to school with your children any time during the month of October!

Missions Conference

We will also be encouraging all the children and their families to attend our missions conference this month.  The children will be practicing a song to sing on Sunday night (Oct. 19) at the missions conference as well.  What a great opportunity for you as parents to reinforce the things we are teaching in school by bringing your children to the missions conference each night.  Remember, one of those nights could be the night when God calls your child to the mission field or to full time service.  You don't want to miss that!

Missionaries are the types of people that we should want our children to look up to and respect.  Help us teach your children the importance of missions by helping us celebrate Missions Emphasis Month.  I would love to hear any other ideas you have to emphasize missions!