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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Art Class {Last Thursday}

Paul Halferty came to our elementary last week and taught the first of a series of art classes to our students.  Paul is an accomplished artist who graduated from the Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia.  He and his wife, Esther, now run their own specialty tile business called Lilywork.  On the first Thursday of every month, Paul is going to teach our students a different artistic concept. 

He started the lesson by talking with the students about what art really is.  The students listed some of the things they thought art was: drawing, painting, pictures, etc.  Mr. Halferty went on to list some other art forms such as architecture, statues, vases, sculptures, and photographs.  He then showed a slide show of some famous art and discussed how an artist uses art to tell a story of some kind.

Next, Mr. Halferty set up a 
bowl of fruit and a spotlight.  He pointed out the shadows that the light threw on the fruit bowl and then demonstrated how to draw the bowl of fruit and shade in the darker parts. 

Now the students got to use charcoal to draw their own bowls of fruit.  Mr. Halferty walked around the room praising the drawings and giving suggestions for improvements.  The children seemed to enjoy using the charcoal, and they worked very hard on their drawings.

 You can see how diligently the students are studying the fruit and drawing their pictures!

Once the children were done with their drawings, Mr. Halferty showed them some famous drawings and photographs of other still life fruit bowls.  (We teachers used this time to hang the drawings in our hallway.)  It was interesting to see how other artists - and how our students - portrayed a simple bowl of fruit.  Don't you think their drawings were amazing?!

(By the way, the photos don't really do these drawings justice.  If you want to see some masterpieces, just come down our elementary hallway some time after drop off or before pickup and see the drawings for yourself.)

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